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Coffee Communications, is a UAE based strategic brand consultancy and communications agency specialising in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sector.

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We make you look better.


At Coffee Communications, we believe that content is king. From emerging talent and SME’s to global brands, we help you stand out in the crowd both online and offline. We take you from A-Z with a 360 content strategy. Our multichannel approach, means cost-efficiency and cohesiveness across all communications platforms.


How would you like your cup?


Stir in a little or a lot of what you need.  We are a powerhouse consisting of key team players packed with local and international experience.


We help create and curate effective visual content for cohesive distribution across all your communication platforms — saving on time, money and hassle.

Meet our coffee mates.


Our clients vary from local and emerging SME's to global enterprises. 


Featured in...


Our clients are regularly featured in top-tier print and digital Arabic and English publications.


Meet our connoisseurs.


Natasha Ekstedt and Bianca Ellis

Saudi Born Natasha and British Expatriate Bianca, set out their mission to create an agency that felt like an extension of an in-house team, developing real, long-lasting relationships whilst utilising the best of local and international knowledge. When it comes to quality, you benefit from us taking it personally, we take attention to detail and creativity to heart.


Our Office

Level 29, Marina Plaza,

Dubai Marina,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 

Tel: +971 45 595 732


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